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All Eateries Should Be Made To Install CCTV After A Man Was Caught Poisoning His Friend's Drink

As the rate of poisoning keeps on increasing among Nigerian youths, it has become important that everyone learns the habit of not leaving his food or drinks in the care of anyone no matter how close they may be. A few hours ago, a young man was caught at an eatery as he poisoned his friend's drink.

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According to reports, the accused man and his friend came into the eatery to eat some food. The victim left his food on the table with his friend and went to ease himself. The accused allegedly brought out poison and put it inside his friend's drink. Fortunately, people who were eating at the eatery saw what was happening and they apprehended the accused and he was forced to consume the poisoned drink.

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Following this incident, it has become evident that there is a need for every eatery in Nigeria to install a CCTV camera that will help monitor everything that goes on in the place. Imagine if this young man was not caught by the eagle-eye of other people at the eatery, we would have recorded another senseless murder of Nigerian youth.

People must learn how to protect themselves against every wicked person out there. We must learn to stop the habit of leaving our drinks and foods in the care of anyone no matter how close that person might be to us. Although people are advised to be careful these days, the Nigerian government can play its part in stopping the rising cases of poisoning among Nigerians.

The government can help prevent this unwanted development by making a law that will compel every eatery in the country to install CCTV cameras which will help to monitor the movements of everyone who uses the eatery. CCTV cameras may not stop people from poisoning others at eateries, however, they will help the police while investigating any form of poisoning.

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The installation of CCTV cameras in eateries can also discourage anyone who wants to poison another person from doing so. If people know that there are cameras at every eatery, they will be forced to comport themselves in public places. People can also install CCTV cameras in their homes especially if they constantly have a lot of people coming into their houses daily.

CCTV cameras won't wash away all the wickedness in the hearts of people, however, CCTV cameras can help us monitor the movements of those around us. The high rate of cases of poisoning among Nigerians, especially youths, has become worrisome and something needs to be done fast.

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