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Nigerian Man escapes from a burning box with 6 chains tied to him in Benin

Recently in a video that surfaced online, a Nigerian Magician and Illusionist who identified himself as 'Freeman' have left many people in great surprise after his wonderful performance in Benin. I never believed in magic until I watched him perform.

It all started when he gathered some passersby and told them that he can be tied, put inside a box, burnt with the box, and still escape. Many people thought it was a lie. The Magician was tied with 6 Chains after which the chains were tightly locked with a padlock. With the help of a hefty Man, he was put inside the box. The box was locked firmly too. People poured petrol and lit it with fire. After 2 minutes, the fire went off. The box was opened and behold, the box was found empty.

Ever since this was posted on Facebook, it has been generating lots of reactions from people. Many people expressed their suprises towards his amazing performance. Check out people's comments below.

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