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Opinion: Residents should support FG in the fight against banditry following the mass burial of victims

The nation has been struck with a series of unfortunate attacks, mainly caused by banditry, especially in the northern part. This issue has so far drawn widespread attention and condemnation where the federal government of Nigeria has continued to utilize its resources in ensuring this menace is finally eradicated.

Photo Credit: Premium Times Nigeria

Despite this continued efforts in those respective regions, families and loved ones have been left to mourn their people, made to become homeless, and have totally put fear in the minds of people as some of them can't execute their daily activities with ease.

Recently, in Kaduna State, a severe attack occurred in some communities where huge numbers of innocent people who had families, friends and loved ones were dead. This gruesome attack led to the mass burial of these victims in Madamai town, where many who were present couldn't hold back their sorrow, as they were in tears.

This is inarguable a painful and empathetic moment, and for the fact that the mass burial wouldn't have taken place if those innocent people weren't killed by bandits who have kept on wreaking havoc without any form of remorse.

With such an unfortunate event which was seen, these should give every resident the much needed courage to wholeheartedly support the federal government of Nigeria in this fight, so as to prevent such from ever happening to anyone.

Photo Credit: BBC News Pidgin (Mass Burial Of Victims)

The federal government of Nigeria who has shown continuous and relentless spirit in this fight still needs the support from Nigerians, and only with such support will banditry be eliminated faster than we hoped.

The residents should never relent to inform the authorities any information that will be useful in the apprehension of these criminals who have not only killed thousands of people, but have also made others live in fear.

The residents should indeed stand up and actively involve themselves in this fight by also coming together, encouraging unity, as only when there is a unified spirit will success be achieved in this fight.

Photo Credit: BBC News Pidgin (Mourners Of The Victims)

These innocent people that have been buried should get justice, as one continues to pray for strength for the family to bear such loss and hope that the end of all these unfortunate incidents will soon be achieved.

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