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Remember the disabled lady that sold water in Lagos? See how she looks now after being picked up

The story of this lady shows that truly with money anybody can be changed.

The saying that as long as there is life then there is hope is clearly evidenced in the life of this lady.

Her name is Mary Daniel's and just some weeks ago, she must have thought that she will be selling water for the rest of her life.

To make the situation worse, she is disabled and this means life was very difficult in this competitive society.

See her picture as at then below.

However, things changed when her picture was posted online and some good Nigerians tried locating her.

Ever since that day, her story changed for the best and you will not believe your eyes. She has been completely changed and transformed to a gorgeous looking lady.

Just take a look at her current pictures below.

Is this not wonderful and amazing?

Please share this post to appreciate the people that came to her rescue and also say a nice word to them.

May God bless them bountifully.

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