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Fiction: How God helped me and my mother win the case against my uncles in court this year

I am the only son of my family. My mother is a market woman and my sisters are in the university. My father was a very hard working man. He always told us that what ever challenge we were going through and we could not handle it, we should leave it to God to Handel it his own way.

And sincerely it as being working for me, God has being taking control of everything. My father had great plans. He bought lands in the village intending to build a guest house, hotels, and a hospital in the village. But he couldn't do all this because he died of a sickness which has no name.

After the burial ceremony, a week after we received a message from a family friend at the village that my father's brothers as began to share and sell my father's property.

When we got back to the village, asking them why they were doing this without our permission. They responded that who are we. Claiming they were the ones that trained my father, and now they want to take their share of his property, which they clam was their right.

The case became a court case. At first they were winning the case, and I was sure it was because they had bribed the judge.

My mother kept crying and I told her not to cry, that she should remember what daddy used to say, that any situation we could no handle we should leave it to God to do it his way. All we did was pray about it. After a week my uncles began to fight among themselves because of my father's property.

When the case about the fight among them got to the court. The judge said to avoid misunderstanding among them, they show return what ever property they have claimed back to my mother and stay off the property. I know this was not the work of man, it was the work of the most high God. The Lord has done it his way.

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