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How Shina Rambo's father almost killed him, after he saw him assembling his gun

Photo Credit: BBC Africa

In the 1990s, Shina Rambo was a popular name, which grown up people who witnessed then can't forget easily, as he was a popular and a notorious armed robber, who terrorized the people in the South West region of the country and even outside the country like Cotonou in Benin Republic.

Brief Story About Shina Rambo...

When Shina Rambo was still very young at age seven, his father, who was a military officer and his colleagues, do use the influence of their uniforms and the guns they had to rob innocent people of their valuables and whenever they came back from any robbery operation, they will start counting money of their victims in the presence of Shina, using handkerchief and women's scarf to wipe off blood from the money they brought from robbery scene.

Aside this, Shina's father do assemble the guns they do use in operation in his presence and due to this, Shina started mastering how to also assemble guns, as his father did not notice this, until he successfully assembled one of his guns...

There was a particular day when Shina Rambo's father was inside the bathroom and left a gun on the floor, as Shina saw the gun, sat down near it and assembled it. When his father came out of the bathroom, he became so disappointed, collected the gun from him and shot at him, as he wanted to kill him but, he luckily escaped from the scene. His father not satisfied, waited till the middle of the night, as he brought cutlass into Shina's room and wanted to hit him on his neck but, he escaped it again, as the cutlass hit his left leg and left it with a very deep wound which the scar is still there till today.


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