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Man narrates difference in reactions when he boarded two BRT buses driven by a man and a woman

There are some occurrences which most of us has witnessed and it stayed glued to our brain. These types of situations will probably leave an impression on you and stay with you for a long time. Many people have childhood memories and they still find it hard to forget when they become an adult.

Anyone who is always surfing the internet or conversant with Social media will probably come across a lot of stories shared by some people. People take to their social media pages these days to share their memories and in no time, other people will start reacting and commenting.

Here is a situation which was posted by a social media user who goes by the name Lola Okunrin on Twitter. The incidence which shed light on living as a man and living as a woman. According to the social media user who posted the occurrence, it shows people probably care about female more in the society. Read the full story here “A man drove the BRT I boarded days ago, it broke down and passengers were like “driver, what’s this rubbish? didn’t you know the motor is faulty before?”

A woman drove the one I boarded today, it broke down. Passengers were like “Madam, sorry ehn, all these buses are old” 

After sharing this on his Twitter page, some of his followers reacted and here are some of the reactions below

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