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Three Things Muslims And Non-Muslims Can't Do In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country that abides by Sharia law, and there are some things that are done in other countries that aren't allowed over there.

In this article, we'll be looking at three things Muslims and non-Muslims are not permitted to do in Saudi Arabia.

1. Drink or sell alcohol

Since Saudi Arabia abides by Sharia law, the consumption of alcohol is highly prohibited in the country. Even non-Muslims in the country are not allowed to drink alcohol. Going against this law can attract punishments like flogging, fines, imprisonment, or even deportation in certain cases.Illustrative photo.

No one is allowed to sell alcohol in their shops as it is also deemed illegal.

2. Abort a baby

The laws in Saudi Arabia affects everyone, including non-Muslims. According to the Sharia Law being used in Saudi Arabia, it is crime to abort a baby. If a man eventually impregnates a lady who is not his wife, he is automatically a father.

The only time a woman can legally abort a baby in Saudi Arabia is when her life is in danger, and the only way a doctor can save her is by removing the baby.

3. Wear Shorts

(Illustrative photo of a lady wearing shorts. Credit: Dreamstime)

Even though wearing shorts are common in western countries, no one is permitted to wear revealing clothes in Saudi Arabia.

Illustrative Photo.

Apart from Muslims who are aware of this law, non-Muslims are expected to cover their bodies while in the country. No one is permitted to wear a bikini at the beach.

Saudi Arabia has operated like this for years, and its laws must be respected by everyone who wishes to stay in the country.

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