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3 Things The Government Should Put in Place To Stop Attacks on Abuja- Kaduna Expressway

Reports of kidnapping are getting increasingly rampant especially in Nigeria. According to Sahara reporters, bandits attacked the Abuja - Kaduna highway and abducted some travellers on the 21st of November 2021.

This occurrence took place in the afternoon around 2pm, and many cars were left empty on the road. In this article, I would outline what I think should be done in order to put an end to the attacks on not only the Kaduna - Abuja highway, but also other areas in Nigeria.

One of the things I believe the government should put in place is adequate security. It should be ensured that patrol vehicles with fully armed military officers are on standby at every hour of the day and even at night.

By doing this, the number of attacks on innocent travellers would reduce as the bandits would meet resistance whenever they attempt attacking or kidnapping individuals.

Another thing that should be done by the government is the aspect of justice. When bandits or kidnappers perpetuating this dastardly act are caught, their punishments should be made public in order for it to serve as a deterrence for other bandits or criminals.

Once the government shows the repercussions for the acts committed publicly, it would serve as a warning to others who may want to commit such crimes.

Lastly, the government should put certain measures in place which will in return improve the economy. Things like inflation, starvation, lack of and sometimes unemployment can turn some youths into criminals.

When people can find means of occupying their time with lucrative work, they will not delve into criminal acts like banditry or kidnapping.

I believe that if these three measures are put in place by the government, it will curb the acts of banditry that has become so increasingly common nowadays. It will also give youths the chance to work harder in an appropriate and legal manner.

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