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Lessons to Learn As Mother & Her 4 Children Got Burnt To Death By Candle Fire

One thing that have really caused a lot of death in our nation is candle. Candle is good, but I have come to notice that most Nigerians always forget to put this candle off before going to bed and this is very dangerous. There have claimed the life of many family members and even the survivors end up being in critical conditions.

A video got posted in Linda Ikeji Blog and this video is indeed very sorrowful. This is a video showing a house that got raised downed by fire. According to the reporter, a woman slept with her four children leaving their candlelight on while her husband went to get something. This candlelight ended up killing the woman and her three children but luckily one survived. The father of this woman revealed that this is indeed too much to bear. Below is a picture showing the father of this woman:

The husband of this lady and father of the children went to get something before this happened. I think this should be a lesson to all Nigerians.

Below are Lessons to Learn as Mother & Her 4 Children Got Burnt to Death After She Slept Without Offing Candle: 

Candle can be dangerous: The first lesson we should learn from this is that candle can also be very dangerous. Candle is so dangerous that it can even claim the life of a whole family. Imagine four people dying the same day after living a candlelight on. Let us always learn to put off candles immediately after usage.

Be careful always: It will take a careful fellow to put off a candlelight after usage. Let us all learn to be very careful because our carelessness might be too expensive. I pray God will give the husband and father of this lady the heart to bear this. Rest in Peace to this Family.

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