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Road Accident

Man Celebrates After His Aunty Survived A Ghastly Car Accident That Left The Car Beyond Recognition

People who have never experienced accident don't completely know what God has done for them, road accident is very dangerous and there are lots of people who have been there and didn't get to tell the victory story, but some are fortunate enough to conquer.

There is nobody who will wake up one day and proclaim such an experience, we all pray for journey mercies to our various destinations and God has been faithful to most of us.

We have seen cases of men and women who told their family they are traveling and tell them "I'm coming back next week" or any duration the person wants to say and end up not returning the way they left.

A lot of people travel from one place to the other for diverse purposes, some are on their way this moment and some will still travel tomorrow, every day of our lives people travel.

God is the one that saves us all about road transportation, we have seen and heard series of road accidents, most of us have seen it happen, it's not by our might neither is it by our power, but it is by the special grace of God, therefore, we should all pray to God for His divine safety every time we travel, pray for everyone as well.

A young Nigerian man identified as Will Gracience Orok has taken to a social media group known as Akwa Ibom rant to thank God for what he has done for him, he stated that his aunty survived this ghastly accident that left the car beyond recognition although people who were in it survived.

According to him, he said it happen along airport road this morning that people should help him thank God cause the car is broken and no life is taken.

This is indeed a testimony cause once there is life, the car can be replaced in no due time.

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