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If You Have Linked Your Sim Card With NIN, Don’t Do These 5 Things To Avoid Going to Prison.

This article is meant to sensitize people that have successfully connected their sim cards with National Identification (NIN) Number because most of them don’t know the purpose of these linkages.

There are some secrets that most people don't know about the linkage program that the Federal Government under the ministry of communication and digital life, which has to do with the security control of this great country.

Some people don't know that linking their NIN with their sim Cards can land them in prison especially if you are conducting any criminal activity with your phone.

Now read this article carefully, if you have successfully linked your sim card with your NIN just know that you are naked to Nigerian security agents, so guide your sim cards jealously the way you guide your ATM and your BVN pin.

When you misplace your BVN and ATM pins you risk losing your money from your bank account but when you lose your phones and sim cards you may end up in prison innocently no doubt about that.

If You Have Linked Your NIN to your Sims Successfully Make Sure You Stop All These Things I am Going To List Out Now TO Avoid Going To Prison Even If You Are Innocent.

1) Don’t disclose your National identity card or number to anyone.

2) Don't disclose any OTP sent to you by your service provider to anyone, even to your family members. Remember your Sim card is now previous to you like BVN and ATM pins.

3) Stop allowing anybody to use your phone to login into an account on social media. Or use your phone to create anything. Because we are in a generation where fraud is reigning.

4) Be careful how you give your phones to people to make calls or text messages, guide your phones jealously to avoid them getting into the hands of people that will use them for fraudulent activities.

5) last but not the list, stop helping people register their sim cards because it will land you in prison if they perform any fraud activities with them.

Be careful with your sim because you will be held accountable for anything anybody does with it.

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