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Theft robbery

Don't read this if you can't control your laughter

1 You will be saying all politicians are thieves, you that stole some one's daughter's heart and broke it are you not a thief? 

2. All guys are witches and wizards, aunty Weldon, you that is not a witch, now that Valentine is fast approaching what is the way forward?.

3. Aunty you are wearing wig and shouting " there's heat ooo" why won't there be heat on you

 when you are carrying more than 12bags of cement on your head

4.what if I posted this from the toilet? That means you are perceiving the smell of my shit. 

5. Teacher: ask me any question in CRS ?

Me: Ma, what is the name of the carpenter that nailed Jesus cross

Teacher: go and ask Google.

6. Two Yoruba girls were fighting, as I went to separate, pepper just entered my eyes.

7. Ahh mountain of fire which one be "Father let my mouth odor be to your glory?

8. On my wedding day I will dance close to my Father In-law saying " your daughter will see fire today.

9. Is only in Naija that you will see slim girls wearing pant with belt.

10. She said am behaving childish, but her Dad still they shout up Nepa

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Valentine Weldon


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