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Husband and wife relationship

My husband warned me

*My husband warned me* 

It all started first day at place of my work, I works in the ministry, in admin department am the only female among the personnels, so I tried all my best doing my works diligently, so I was arranging office file according to their alphabets when my box came in and asked me are you the only one doing the arrangements, I nodded yes sir, he smiled and said you are hard working, before you close come and see me , when the time reach for me to close I went to see him as requested he gave me #10000 and said he liked people working hard so keep it up, I thank him and left , reaching home I presented it to my husband, he gave me beating of my life and said how many times I warned you to not accept money from men they can't give without asking to sleep with you one day,i hated myself for showing it to my husband , my boss is a good man he can't do such a thing in return, 

Works continue, on Friday in the afternoon my boss sent for me I went to his office he gave me 8000 asked me to get fried rice for him from MR B and keep the change for myself a plate is 5000 remaining 3000, I hid it from my husband,

and he kept on giving me money all the time till the day he asked me out I became surprised then remembered what my husband told me, and he knew that I am married the worst thing now is treating me if I did not say Yes to him, am going loose my job.

What is your advice or opinion for this lady

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