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Supersonic Blaze Openly Appreciates Edna For Female Youths Empowerment - Read Full Story

Supersonic Blaze, a Nigerian recording artist has taken to social media to appreciate Mrs Edna, Chairlady, Akwa Ibom female youths association for the groups' empowerment program.

Blaze took to social media and wrote;

Please, permit me to use this platform to appreciate the genuine work of the charity. Back in 2019, I was seriously involved in political campaigns and rallies in Akwa Ibom State. It was either I was performing on stage or just showing solidarity as an entertainer. The Divine Mandate campaign was a great experience for me because I toured all the local government areas in my state, met different people, experienced local cultures and even had a taste of their local delicacies. It made me appreciate the land called Akwa Ibom because I had a first-hand experience of the vast cultural heritage and hospitality we are known for all over the world.

The most eye-catching thing at each rally was the sight of beautiful and cheerful young ladies adorned in purple who was always standing close to the stage, cheering whoever is performing or speaking on the podium. While performing they always made me feel I was at a sold-out show with thousands of fans cheering me up, I felt elated and this endeared me to this particular group I later found out was known as Female Youths Association aka #purplegirls.

One particular day, at a certain LGA(can't remember which) a friend and I proceeded to buy drinks and snacks to hold our stomach. On getting to the vendor's spot we met the already famous #purplegirls I decided to have a conversation with them(they had already started hailing me as a celebrity), I asked them what drives them and one who spoke eloquently to me, told me they are a family drawn from different LGAs, united by one goal(FEMALE EMPOWERMENT) and led by a certain Lady Edna. I was impressed by their ideology and learnt a lesson about unity in diversity.

Going back to the stage with my friend, I was disturbed a bit because my thoughts bothered on a future for those young ladies after the political campaign. I asked my friend what their fate would be and he said "Oh boy leave person matter to face your own, na political campaign, so get wetin u fit get now because after this na to thy tent oh Israel". Though what he said was funny, I didn't laugh because I didn't think it was right for everything to end after the campaign and hoped there would some sort of capacity building/empowerment for those young ladies.

Fast forward to 2021, on Saturday, the 24th of April precisely, I was driving through IBB way when I noticed a large crowd at Ibom and 95 per cent of them had purple on them(T-shirts, caps, mufflers e.t.c). I made enquiries and found out that it was a graduation/empowerment ceremony for FEMALE YOUTHS ASSOCIATION #purplegirls. The same girls that used to act as cheerleaders at rallies, the very girls that used to fill up the front of the stage, the very girls that always bring life to such event. I was really happy to see that after 2years they are steadily growing and fulfilling their goals, I even heard they now have a vocational school where the girls acquire various skills like photography, fashion design, ICT, playing music instruments, catering, soap making e.t.c and their leader provides accommodation for them while in training. What crowned it all is the fact that this training is free.

Later that day, I saw pictures of sewing machines, cameras, laptops being given out to empower those young ladies. I must say I was so impressed that what I secretly wished for has happened. From the pictures I've seen, the event was attended by a lot of dignitaries. I've also found out that Lady Edna(Their Leader) did all that without direct funding by the government or any agency. For someone to mentor and empower young girls through personal efforts, I pray first of all that God should reward her abundantly, people should support her, she should be appreciated/recognized locally and internationally. As some who believes in genuine charity, I'll do all I can to support acts of charity. As someone that believes in women empowerment, I so proud of this feat.

Lady Edna, I don't know you like that but I pray that God should continue to give the grace, strength and wisdom to carry on your good works.

(Please tag her for me)

Uwi 💚

#purplegirls #uwination

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