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Man Narrates His Experience After He Went To A Restaurant In Ireland To Eat

A man whose twitter name is Nnayi Christmas shared what happened to him while he was at a restaurant in Ireland.

According to him, he said he was eating the rice and chicken he ordered for in the restaurant when he noticed people staring at him when he was cracking the bone of the chicken.

(Credit: Twitter @ Nnayi Christmas)

When he asked the waiter the reason why people refused to take their eyes off him while he was eating, the waiter told him that when it got to the bone of the chicken, people normally leave it alone, the waiter further said that they believe that it is only dog that eats bone.

All of them may be surprised at how he devour the bone of the chicken after he finished the flesh.

(Credit: Twitter @ Nnayi Christmas)

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Man Nnayi Christmas


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