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Governor Ortom's Aide Lampoon Mkor Aondona ; Says His Write-up Is Badly Constructed.


By Nathaniel Ikyur

There are these four sentences, sorry paragraphs, on the Facebook wall of one Aondona Mkor wherein he tried as his character is, to spew rubbish in the face of the Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom. The post is titled: 'Bishop Avenya, Ortom And The Irony of Funeral Speech.' 

This is not the first time he is doing this. Mkor's outing this time arises from the deliberate embarrassment of the governor at the funeral service of late Dr Terkura Suswam in Anyiin on Friday, March 13, 2021. The writing style of this author, a former lecturer in the Department of Political Science of Benue state University is so badly constructed, with dysfunctional sentence structuring. It also lacks basic grammatical elements of punctuation marks.

Truth is, Mkor finds it convenient to always fire at Governor Ortom for failing to stop his dismissal from the Benue State University over allegations of rape. What then is the governor's crime in refusing to delve into criminal allegations perpetrated willfully by an individual? At least the courts are there for adjudication. It therefore behoves of the accuser to sort himself out by proving his innocence before a competent court of law. Not to turn around to use every available opportunity to cast aspersions on the person of the governor.

In any case, Mkor Aondona should know that late Dr Terkura was so many things to many people. To Governor Ortom, the late political heavyweight wasn't just a political soul mate but a long standing friend that dates decades back. To others, he was a philanthropist per excellence. 

To the church, he was their son of consolation, who built churhes for their congregations. To the sick, he was their balm in gilead. To the rural folk, Terkura was the one who gave them hope and confidence to live and look forward to tomorrow in spite of the threatening security challenges in his community. To this extent, Terkura was an embodiment of a treasure that was wasted. And so he deserved all honour even in death.

It is therefore the height of recklessness in thought and reasoning, for Mkor to suggest that Governor Ortom was desperate to make a speech at the funeral of Chief Suswam. No, the governor wasn't desperate. It was of necessity that he spoke. And denying him that right was an affront to the office of the Governor and a breach of protocol for the executioners of the plan that day. 

The church is a place of healing not a military garrison where respect for constituted authority is flagrantly abused. And it is a bad precedence. Today you're hailing the Bishop. Tomorrow it might be you who knows? Ironically, five other persons spoke at the same funeral before Governor Ortom and Senator Gabriel Suswam were stopped from speaking. So, Ortom wasn't in a desperate need of speaking at the burial. The fact also is that he was listed on the burial brochure to do so as the Chief Security Officer of the state.

Mkor should therefore stop blaming Governor Ortom for his dishonourable behaviour that led to his inglorious exit at BSU where he was accused of rape. Since he's said to be in court, he should explore all means to exonerate himself and desist from launching an emotion-laden blame campaign against the governor. 

The earlier he realises this and changes, the better. Lest, we will begin to see his outings as the voice of Jacob and the hand of Esau.

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