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Meet The Man Who Locked His Head In A Cage So As To Stop Smoking Cigarette

Addiction can be positive or negative depending on what someone is addicted to. However, getting rid of wrong addictions might take desperate measures such as the case of a Turkish man who wanted to stop smoking cigarette at all cost. Ibrahim Yucel is a Turk who reportedly started smoking cigarettes at the age of 16.

Image Credit @Daily Mail

Ibrahim Yucel who allegedly smoked two packets of cigarettes every day for 26 years has tried several ways to stop smoking but all to no avail. Ibrahim Yucel was moved to stop smoking after his father reportedly died of lung cancer. Inspired by safety helmets worn by motorbike riders, Ibrahim Yucel made a cage for his head that will prevent him from putting a cigarette in his mouth. Ibrahim Yucel would lock his head in the cage and leave the key with his wife or children anytime he is going to his workplace. Although Yucel's family initially opposed this move, they were forced to let him have his way having realised that the plan might help him stop the bad habit completely.

As it was not revealed if this act completely helped Ibrahim Yucel, do you think locking his head in a cage could have stopped him from ever smoking again? 


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