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For Me, I Think Gumi's Statement On Bandits Is Total Nonsense, We Need Truth For Progress — Edochie

Today is Friday being the 26th of February 2021 one of the news headlines discloses the statement of a popularly known Nigerian actor and politician, Yul Edochie in regard to Gumi. According to the report which was disclosed by 'Naija News' Twitter handle, Edochie allegedly blows hot while reacting to Gumi's Statement concerning bandits.

Yul Edochie describes it as total nonsense, he gave some suggestions and claims on how things are meant to be done. Edochie was focused on the fact that Gumi has urged the public to stop addressing the bandits as criminals.

“I watched a video this morning where I saw Sheikh Gumi speaking, he was saying that we should not address the bandits as criminals that there are not criminals and that he has a point to make. For me, I think that is total nonsense, that is absolutely rubbish, total crab” — Yul Edochie Stated.

He claims that for everyone to make progress within the country, everyone must be able to identify the truth and also speak the truth. He urged that a good leader is meant to listen to the people before taking decisions. 

“I am one of those people who believe that a leader should listen to his people. A country as big as Nigeria with over 200million people, there are bound to agitation here and their ones in a while and a good leader should listen to his people first to find out while there are agitations, then you know the kind of decisions to take” — Yul Edochie Stated.

Yul Edochie describes killing, kidnapping and other crime as criminal activities and urged that anyone who commit such crime is meant to be treated as a criminal.

“If you are agitating, and you take up arms and begin to killed people, kill innocent Nigerians, forcefully sleep with women, kidnap innocent people you have messed up your points, you are a criminal. That is truth ad you should be treated as a criminal, there are ways to make your voice heard for your problems or for the government to hear your voice. Taking up arms and killing innocent people are not one of them.

“The people you are hunting, forcefully abusing and killing are also your people, they are not the ones who caused your problem, a smart person should always identify his problem, identify where the problem is coming from, and then identify what to do in order to stop the problem” — Yul Edochie Stated.

He further urged, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Fulani and every other tribes to know that the moment they take up arms and begin to kill people in order to make a point they should know that it is a criminal activity and suspects are meant to be treated like criminals.

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