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Sad Story Of Nigerian Girl Serving 20yrs Jail Time In Ivory Coast

The Unjust treatment of a 21-year-old Nigerian lady identified as Itunu Olajumoke Babalola who is resident in french speaking Ivory Coast has recently been uncovered by award-winning investigative Journalist Davis Hundeyin on Twitter she is alleged to be currently unjustly serving a 20-year jail term, and is still in jail till-date, for demanding justice after discovering that her belongings worth Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300,000) was allegedly stolen by the nephew of an Ivorian Police D.P.O. If anyone told Itunu that the 21st of September 2019 will be the day her life will take a disastrous turn to land her in prison in a foreign land, she would have rejected it immediately, on that faithful day 21-year-old Nigerian Trader based in Bondoukou, Ivory Coast decided to visit her sick mother Mrs Babalola in Ibadan, Nigeria, prior to her visit to her mother in Nigeria, Itunu's was robbed in Ivory Coast, her flat was literally cleared out by the thief, she lost all her belongings worth over N300,000.

Itunu reported the robbery case to the Police in Ivory coast before embarking on her journey to visit her sick mother in Ibadan, after spending a month with her mother in Nigeria, the 21-year-old Nigerian trader returned to Bondoukou in Ivory Coast in October 2019 and was informed by the person she left in her flat that the police had identified the thief, and coincidentally the thief was a 14-year-old boy who lived close to her flat. So Itunu was begged by the embarrassed father of the 14-year-old thief, who admitted that his son had was known to be a thief and that the boy had already sold all her items and can no longer recover them.

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So Itunu went back to the police station to get an official update on the case, to her surprised she alleged that the Police D.P.O. informed her that the robbery suspect was his nephew and that they should settle the case privately, she alleged that the police D.P.O. offered to give her 100,000 Naira and forget about the case, which she refused angrily saying it was too small considering what she lost, her response immediately annoyed the Ivorian Police D.P.O.

The Police D.P.O was said to have tried his best to frustrate 21-year-old Itutnu into dropping the case, but she refused, so the Police D.P.O sent his officers to Itunu's residence to arrest her and lock her up, after 4days he told her to sign some papers stating that she has willfully dropped the case and no longer has any interest in the case, in return he would grant her freedom which she bluntly refused and chose to go to court trusting the Ivorian legal system, but Itunu alleged that she overheard a police officer say in french "elle est une Nigeriane? Elle mourra icc" meaning ("She is a Nigerian? She will die here!").

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But the decision by 21-year-old Itunu to go court was the biggest mistake because the french-speaking court did not allow her proper legal representation or give her a chance to properly state her case as she hardly spoke french, which was her undoing as she was quickly sentenced to 20 years in prison unjustly. She is currently serving her 20 years jail time in the notorious Maison d'arret et de correction Bondoukou prison. All efforts by her friends to get the Nigerian Embassy involved in her case failed because they alleged that the Nigerian embassy officials in Ivory Coast demanded #400,000 to get her a Nigerian passport before they can do anything.

Itunu says all her efforts to secure her freedom and clear her name have been frustrated by prison officials who she alleges have been bribed by the D.P.O, now that the story is out we hope that the necessary authorities will take adequate measures to save the life of this Nigerian who is described as honest and industrious by her friends, she has also tried to commit suicide twice in jail but she was not successful, we hope her case is quickly looked into and the culprits brought to justice. Please share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.

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