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After CCT chairman said he didn't assault the Security rather he was the Victim, See what Oby said

There is a viral video online about the Code of Conduct Tribunal Chairman, Danlandi Umar, that have been causing a lot of arguments. In the video that has gotten so many Reactions from Nigerians, the Code of Conduct Tribunal Chairman, Danlandi Umar, kicked and slapped a security guard at a shopping mall. Danlandi Umar went into a heated argume with the security guard, and it almost resulted into something else if not for the Presence of some Policemen.

The Chairman was almost lynched by angry mobs, but the presence of some Security Personnels prevented the Crowd from doing what was in their mind. Although, they managed to damage his glass, and according to a statement released by his the Chairman, he sustained a cut in his finger. In the statement that was released by the office of the CCT chairman, he said he was the victim in the incident. And it was him that got assaulted by the security guard.

They explained that, the Chairman has been going to the shopping mall for over 18 years to buy things and fix his phone. And that day, he didn't go there with his security details. He went there in company of his brother, when they got there, he decide to park at a free parking space that was close to the shop he wanted to fix his phone. Then the Security man told him not to park there, and the guard addressed him in a rude manner. His car was damaged, and he even sustained a cut in one of his fingers.

Oby Ezekwesili reacted to what Danlandi Umar said, and reminded People of the exclamation her mother used to use, whenever she doesn't have an appropriate Reaction for something. And the statement CCT chairman said, is an example of such statement. Here is the screenshot of her reaction

Until we here the both sides of a story, we can't really Judge who is at fault.

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