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5 Types of Punishments You Should Not Give Your Children or Student to Avoid Damaging Their Health.

The use of disciplinary measures in correcting a child errs is one concept that has been misunderstood by several persons, most especially African parents and caregivers. Well, it might interest you to know that disciplining a child for an offence does not necessarily involve the use of physical torture just as many African parents have conformed to; as a matter of fact, the use of the cane should be the last resort for parents.

As a parent or teacher who wants to discipline a child who has probably committed an offence; it becomes important you commensurate the child’s age with the punishment given. For instance; it is improper to ask a 4 years old child to carry an object twice his size on the ground of instituting discipline.

Regarding this article, we shall be looking at 5 types of punishment you should not give a child in other not to put the child’s health and life at risk. See them below. 

1. Beating or flogging a female child on her buttock.

Whipping a female child on her buttock is one situation that can cause a lot of health damages, most especially in the private part area. Research has shown that this act can amount to several detriments like; premature menstruation, vaginal discharge, depression and sexual assault. Hence, to avoid these detriments – such disciplinary measures should be discouraged.

2. Starving your children for days on the ground of discipline.

This is one measure many African parents usually employ in dealing with a disobedient child. Well, I quite understand that children can sometimes be mischievous, nevertheless; you should understand they are just children and they are prone to foolishness – the idea of starving your child or somebody’s child entrusted to you is one act that can pose a threat to their health. This punishment can result in brain damage due to the inadequate flow of nutrients and oxygen to the brain, and it can also increase the risk of ulcers and sickness.

3. Using heavy or sharp objects like stone, wood, wire, or iron rod on them.

Apart from impacting physical injury on a child, these aforementioned clubs can amount to death. Using crude tools like wood, iron or even hard cane can damage vital external organs of the body.

4. Applying pepper on their eyes or private part area.

Though this practice is long-aged, however; research has shown that many parents still use it today, most especially in local and uncivilized parts of the world. This practice can damage the cells in the eyes and private parts which can give rise to blindness or infertility in the long run.

5. Sending them away from the house most especially at night.

Sending your child away from the house at an ungodly hour of the night just to punish or calm your temper is a practice that can lead to the death of that child in most cases. Subjecting a child to this form of torture is indirectly exposing the child to life-threatening factors like kidnap, attack from human and wild animals and even rape.

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