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Why Orji should not have died because of the EFCC invitation

The death of Mr. Christopher, a former director at the National Biotechnology Development Agency, who died on the day he was supposed to honor his invitation at the office of the EFCC in Abuja, was a sad development. Mr. Orji died at his residence in Lugbe Estate, Abuja. 

Suicide is the worst thing that can happen to anyone else. What may be the reason behind Orji's decision to take his life? It's totally evil to make such a dirty decision. Many things may have contributed to the reason why Orji took away his life. But in all, there is nothing that qualifies anyone to commit suicide.

Some of the things that may have influenced the decision of Orji to commit suicide include.

1. The issue of guiltiness: Mr Orji may have committed suicide when he saw that he was guilty of the offence he was facing. In so many times, the Government officials do engage in some shady deals in order to get rich quick. In the case of Orji he may have decided to die instead of facing the embarrassment and humiliation that may come his way.

2. He may not have enough money to repay the agency from which he may have stolen: The decision to die is the last and worst option for any ailing government official. On many occasions, when the EFCC arrests suspects, they are asked to refund the stolen cash to the EFCC. When this is done, the case may be withdrawn from prosecution since the matter has been settled. But the matter becomes worse when the proceeds from the corruption are not on the ground. This means a jail term is awaiting the culprit.

3. He was unable to prosecute his case because he lacks the necessary resources: Some of the people that were being paraded by the EFCC had the manpower to hire a prominent senior advocate of Nigeria, who would be in charge of defending them in court against the EFCC, prompting some of the most corrupt cases to last for years without judgement. Mr. Orji may not have been well exposed to the formula for the dirty deals. This may be another reason why he decided to end them at once.

4. Lack of originality in corrupt practices: Those who die or fear cases are unfamiliar with corruption issues. Orji may be a beginner in the dirty game, and doesn't have the shock observer to manage the unforseen circumstances surrounding the issue of corruption. Those who are experts in corruption don't care, or fear arrest and prosecution by the EFCC.

No matter what, it's even better that Orji was sent to jail than to take away his previous life. But in all, it is a lesson to others to be content with what they have to avoid such sad news. Orji has died, throwing his family into mourning. What do you think that Orji would have done instead of taking his life because of the corruption case levelled against him? Comment, share and like this work.







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