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Read The Last Message This Man Left Before He Was Found Dead Together With His Girlfriend Hour Ago

A Few hours ago, d news of a man who was found dead together with his lover in his house as reported after they allegedly took a toxic chemical (poison). The man who is known as Emmanuel Evans Okafor and his lover Amaka Okafor dead bodies were discovered not long ago after he wrote a suicide post on his Facebook and tagged his girlfriend name to the post.

Following what he posted on his face, the deceased man made it know that his suicide note will be a short one stating that he has been battling with depression for a long period and that his mind has not been peaceful. He said that there was a particular time in his life that he taught his problem was money but he later found out that money can't buy trade is mind. He then later said that those who sleep and wake up should be thankful to God for that special privilege given to them. 

"Nothing matters most to humanity than someone to be happy when he/she hears your name, be the reason for someone's happiness," he added.

Emmanuel Evans Okafor made it clear in the concluding part of his letter that, it is a pity to leaves this world and that he his sorry for his horrible actions and for disappointing his loved ones by committing suicide. He also made it known he wouldn't want his enemies to experience what passed through.

At the moment of writing this post, it is not yet affirmed why Emmanuel Evans Okafor girlfriend dead body was found in his house but with the looks if thing and from what he posted on Facebook by tagging his lover, it seems like they both went through the different times together.

Check out how people reacted to the incident.

To those feeling depressed, Death is not the next thing after feeling depressed. Always voice ours to your loved ones and the people around you. And those of you who have not heard from your friends for a long time, reach out to them, ask them questions about life because you can save a life by doing so. Because you passed through depression and nothing happened to you does not mean others will ask about the well being of your friend and family today because you might save someone.

May they find peace wherever they are now. Let's kindly know what you think about this

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