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Do You Know The Story Behind The Building Called "Goona Banana House" In Anambra?

The house in the pictures below is called "Goonu Banana House" (Meaning Buy Banana House). It's located somewhere in Obosi, Anambra State. The house has no single tenant in it, only the owner was able to successfully lived there.

There was alleged news about the foundation of the house, as people believe it was laid with the blood of a little girl who sells banana in Onitsha some many years ago.

According to information, all tenants who parked into the house after it was completed by the owner only use few months there before rushing to park out because they were scared to death every night with claim of hearing the shout of "goonu banana" (Buy banana) coming from underneath the building, apart from other strange things happening in the building.

All the tenant reportedly ran away one after the other except the landlord who stays until his death. Since years till date, this house has remained empty without any living soul after the landlord being the only occupant died some years ago.

Say no to rituals and criminal activities everything you do in life remember the aftermath. All your fake riches won't follow you to death, it's only on earth people are being categorize as rich or poor.

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