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Banditry: 4 Major Solutions To The Menace Caused By Bandits Which Is Destabilizing Nigeria

Below are possible solutions to the menace of banditry that is destabilizing Nigeria in the present day.

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1. Federal government should ban all the activities of motorcycles all over the country, as motorcycles play a vital role in continued terrorism by the bandits.

2. Government should gather information about people using motorcycles as a means of livelihood, and give them some stipend so that they will take care of their families up to the time that the exercise will be completed. Because if they are halted from it, and something is not given to them, it will be like killing a snake and not cutting down its head.

3. Federal and States governments should scrap a bulky number of villages to small local provinces. Because the number of security agents we have in Nigeria can not protect too many villages, they are far away from them, and the number of our security agencies are limited. Therefore by minimizing the number of villages to small provinces, will ease the approach by our security agencies in securing the provinces. However, states and the federal government should collaborate and construct these provinces. The advantages are;

1. It will limit the attack by the terrorists.

2. It will be easier to security agencies to combat any terror attack.

3. Amalgamation of villages to one small province will improve economic development and will help governments generate more revenue.

4. it will be easier for our troops to fish out the hideout of the terrorists residing in the bush near these villages.

4. Federal Government and state should collaborate and recruit 1,000,000 youths and train them to deal with these terrorists accordingly.

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