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2 Lessons To Learn After Police Arrests Couple For Stealing A New Born Baby Boy

A 50 year old Man identified as Abubakar Sadiq and his 22 year old Wife identified as Maryam Sadiq have been arrested by the Kano state police. They were both arrested for stealing a baby boy that is just a day old, the baby was kidnapped from Muhammad Abdullahi Wase teaching hospital, Kano state.

This was disclosed in a statement by the spokesperson of the Kano State Police, DSP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa. According to the statement, the baby boy is actually a twin and he was stolen by Mrs Maryam while their aunty was fast asleep. The aunty actually fell asleep while keeping watch over the babies.

The Police public relations officer revealed that the couple even went ahead to throw a party in other to celebrate, they were celebrating the arrival of a male child in the house hold after stealing the baby boy from the Mother.

When Mrs Maryam was being interrogated by the Police, she revealed that she stole the baby due to her husband's Influence. Her Husband have been longing for a male child in their home and that was what pushed her to steal the baby.

The baby boy was found when the Father of the twins reported to the Police about his missing Son. He explained to the police that his wife gave birth to twin boys at the teaching hospital. His sister in-law that was meant to watch the babies slept off at the corridor of the maternity ward, when she woke up the other baby was no where to be found.

The commissioner of Police immediately instructed his team to go and rescue the baby and arrest the suspects. The team went straight to the hospital but they were unable to find the baby. It was through the suspicions of the neighbors who knew Maryam was never pregnant that led to her being caught. The baby is now with his real Mother while the culprits await justice.

Source- Within Nigeria

There are 2 lessons people have to learn from this story;

1. Parents have to understand that both the male child and female child are equal. They should stop the discrimination against the female child, they need to accept that the gender of a child doesn't really matter. Most parents are fond of treating their female kids as if they are nothing, they even go to the extent of maltreating their wives over her inability to produce a male child.

If Mr Abubakar did not pressurize his Wife into giving him a male child, she would not have gone as far as stealing another Woman's child.

2. Couples should also learn to be patient after marriage, they should understand that God is the only one that gives children. You don't have to maltreat your wife simply because she did not bear a male child.

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