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2 Major Steps Govt. Could Take To End Banditry In The North After Its Alleged Causes Were Revealed

It is no longer a secret, that a Committee of Inquiry set up by the Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle, has revealed some remote and immediate factors that created the problem of banditry in the state, before spreading to other parts of the Northern region. Banditry has undoubtedly become one of the greatest security treats in the country.

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For some years now, the government has continued to make efforts to end the barbaric attacks and killings by armed bandits operating in the Northern region. However, despite the efforts, armed bandits have continued to carry out various degrees of criminal attacks including mass abductions of school children, killing people at will, and destroying villages.

Since the beginning of the attacks and killings in the region, many people have continued to blame it on illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment. However, a report by the Committee of Inquiry, has revealed that there were salient issues that directly paved the way for the emergence of banditry in Zamfara from where it eventually spread to other areas.

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The immediate factors were said to be indiscriminate killings, particularly of Fulani people by the Yan Sakai Vigilante group, and indiscriminate encroachment into cattle routes and grazing reserves by Hausa farmers (source: Vanguard News). Following this revelation, it can be argued that the first success has been achieved in the fight against banditry. As such, I am of the view that the government could do these two things to end banditry in the North.

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1. Summon a peace meeting between the Leadership of Hausa and Fulani People

Having identified the acrimony which emanated from the indiscriminate killings of Fulani people by the Yan Sakai Vigilante group, as a major factor that created banditry in Zamfara State, it is my view that the government should as a matter of necessity, Summon a peace meeting between the leadership of Hausa and Fulani people, where both parties could resolve their differences.

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2. Identity and sanction those found to be guilty of taking the laws into their own hands in the area

It is common knowledge that it is a crime for anyone to take the laws into his own hands. The inability to sanction those involved in the extra-judicial killings of others, could aggrieve the affected parties, pushing them to equally react by taking the laws into their own hands. As such, I am of the view that anyone indicted in the report, to have taken laws into his hands, should be sanctioned.

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Arguably, summoning the Hausa and Fulani people for a peace meeting, and equally sanctioning those who are found to have taken the laws into their own hands, would go a long way to pacify the two groups. Through peace meetings, each group can also be mandated to call their youths to order. There is no doubt that the bandits are people known in the area, and having their leaders talk to them, could be a good way to end the issue of banditry in the Northern region.

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