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Rating PHCN (NEPA) in my area, the Ancient city and the No One LGA….



Recently we have descended so hard and uncompromisingly on the handlers of the ancient city of Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State. Of course we still, “unrepentedly” feel that they had, and haven’t lived up to expectation of their leadership of the city and her people. But in the midst of these disappointing reality of our time, and city, there is also some brighter sight improvements, and some positives we have noticed, experience of our city, and want to talk about- and of course, we also implore you to be part of it, as you speak out, and let us compare, if it is the same in your area.

Power Supply Has Improved in my Area, What about Yours???

It seems like Power Holding Company, (PHCN) aka (NEPA) has suddenly realized that it is evil, akin to “witchcraftcy”, and anti-development to keep holding unto power, and refusing to light up people’s lives and businesses, and have of late, as noticed in my area, the ancient city of Ikot Ekpene, decided to give light mRating PHCN (NEPA) in my area, the Ancient city and the No One LGA….ore than before. For the last over three months, we have been having our refrigerators frozen, our foods preserved, thereby, helping with the hard biting economy and cost of living, saloons, small businesses, and other micro-economy drivers now have at least, some, up to six to eight hours of light and more in the 24 hours that makes a day. That’s some improvements merhn! And a great kudos to the PHCN, and government’s ministry of power, and the APC government.

How is power supply in your area?

Rate power supply in your area.. 20%, 40%, 60%, 70%,



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