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To terminate every strategy of the wicked, say these prayers immediately

As he has been the one doing it in time past he can do it again.Satan is never tired of making you sorrowful and full of reproach, they work tirelessly at Night when people are asleep. Let's know that Satan our greatest enemy is never tried of looking for our downfall and waiting to see us cry or mourn, he is always happy when a child of God is full of shame, reproach, and calamity.

Let's have a word of prayer:

1. Every evil and wicked eye of ritualist, kidnappers, serial killers, 419, witches and wizards will not see you in this night. You are covered by the blood of Jesus.

2. The blood of Jesus shield you from their evil manipulation and plans. They will never be able to harm you physically, spiritually or mother. Your loved ones will never fall victim to their tactics. In the Mighty Name of Jesus.

3. Father I commit this night into your hand i Oh Lord I ask you to take absolutely control of this Night and Terminate every strategy and plans of the Wicked Ones, the Witches and Wizards wherever they might gather tonight. 

4. Scatter every personality that delight in war, in blood shed, in my downfall, nullify their evil strategy over my life. Let your Holy Ghost fire destroy them in their camp this Night.

I cover this night with the precious blood of Jesus.

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