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Two Dangerous Challenges That Have Been Done By Nigerians This Year, And How People Were Affected

Nigerians have participated in several challenges which started as a trend on social media platforms. In this article, we'll be looking at two dangerous challenges which Nigerians participated in this year, and how these games affected people.

Alcohol Challenge

This challenge started some days ago, and it recently evolved into a very dangerous game. It was initially about people moving to the beat of a song, and deliberately drinking and pouring a large quantity of alcohol on their bodies.

Even though the game is dangerous on its own, some Nigerians took it to another level by pouring different substances on their bodies. In several videos on the internet, some young Nigerians were seen drinking and pouring liquid detergents on their bodies while recording their challenge video, and these substances can affect the body organs.

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Some people were caught struggling to survive after taking harmful substances while recording live.

Crate Challenge

In August, a lot of Nigerians participated in this challenge. It involved walking on crates that were arranged to be of different heights.

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Many people, including Nigerians, broke their heads, necks, arms, and other parts of their bodies after falling off the crates while participating in the challenge.

Illustrative Photo.

Some people even took it to another level by doing it on concrete, forgetting that there's a higher chance of falling off the crate than making it to the end.

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Before joining any trend, be sure that it doesn't put your life in danger. Most people who took these challenges to another level just wanted to trend on social media, and some of them ended up hurting themselves. Some risks are not worth it.

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