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More Photos Of Iniubong, The Lady Who Was Killed While She Was Hunting For A Job In Uyo

Many people on social media have been praying for Inuibong Umoren to return home after 4 days that she has gone missing and explain how God saved her life but it breaks the hearts of thousands of people as the death of Inuibong was announced few minutes ago. Inuibong Umoren was lured on social media with a fake job offer by one suspect identified as ‘Udak Frank Akpan’.


Inuibong has been hunting for a job for a long time but when she posted it on twitter that she needed a job, someone replied her that ‘Will you work in a construction company as a secretary? I like you bring your CV to Udo Udomma Adventure. The name of the company is U&K limited’. Inuibong was delighted by this offer and she immediately responded that ‘yes please, I would love to. Can I send a DM for more information please?’

(The tweets where the Suspect invited Iniubong for Interview)

Subsequently, Inuibong reached out to her intimate friend ‘Umoh Udak’ to inform her about the offer. Her friend told her to keep her updated and also put on her phone’s location during the trip. Little did Inuibong know that it will cost her life, she joyfully went to the address she was given for the interview.

(Graduation pictures of Iniubong)

When she got there, she sent a 1-sec audio message to her friend, Umoh Udak on Whatsap but her friend could not hear anything. Umoh Udak felt that her friend was trying to tell her something, so she quickly called her number. She tried many times before Inuibong finally picked up the call. Umoh Udak said that immediately Inuibong picked the call, she screamed for help then the call was ended.

(Iniubong and her friend)

Photo Credit: Iniubong/Umoh twitter

Umoh Udak became worried and she started looking for a way to help her friend. She was in Lagos and her friend in Uyo, so she could not possibly start tracking her. She contacted people for help and cried out on twitter, in case there is someone from Uyo who could help track her friend. People started tracking the man who invited Inuibong for the job interview. They found out a lot of things about the man.

Some people found out some incriminating things about the man. For instance, a lady came out that the man had once lured her for job employment in the past and almost slept with her before she escaped. The lady said the man is a criminal. Someone else found an uncompleted building where the man allegedly carries out his operation.

All these information was presented to the Police and they swiftly worked on it. The police swung into action, stormed the house of the suspect and arrested some people for interrogation. Throughout the search, the Police could not find Inuibong and it has been over 72 hours already.

(More pictures of Iniubong)

It was recently announced by Inuibong’s friend, Umoh Udak that Inuibong has been killed. She took to her twitter page few hours ago to mourn her friend. She also revealed that the suspects raped her friend, killed her and buried her in shallow grave. She was heart-broken as she kept crying and screaming for help on twitter.


Photo Credit: Iniubong twitter

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