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Drug Trafficking: Meet Abuchi Ngwoke, A Nigerian Man Who Is Awaiting Execution In Malaysia

A lot of our brothers and sisters left home in search for greener pastures; most of them landed in their dream country by following due process, while some risked their lives by traveling on land and along the line, some lost their lives due to a boat mishap. While some people travel out of Nigeria with good intentions, others do that so as to be able to carryout some illegal deeds and this has never ended well for them.

It will be easier for a man who has something doing, probably learned a trade while in Nigeria or has a degree to succeed in a strange man's land, but what about those who never learnt anything before leaving Nigeria? they will definitely look for something to do and that is why most of them push drugs. Most countries have stiffer penalties for drug trafficking, and these penalties range from a jail term to life imprisonment and that is the more reason why we must be careful of the kind of things we do while in another country.

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[Credit: Sahara Reporters]

In 2012, a Nigerian man named Abuchi Ngwoke was caught at a Malaysian airport with drugs upon his arrival from Nigeria. He was tried for good two years and was later sentenced to death for drug trafficking. The Malaysian Police who were at the airport said Abuchi Ngwoke swallowed the drug before he left Nigeria for Malaysia, hoping that he was going to get a smooth passage. Abuchi Ngwoke is still awaiting execution till date.

I still believe that one can make it genuinely in Nigeria without one risking his/her life. There are several Nigerians who are stranded in other countries and had it been they were in Nigeria, they would have had the freedom to move from one place to another and also think of better ways to make money.

To as many reading this, never make the mistake of pushing drugs because you will have yourself to be blamed when you are caught.

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