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Meet The First Woman To Buy A Car And The First Woman To Drive A Car In Nigeria

The first Woman in Nigerian history to ever buy a car is quite different from the very first woman to drive a Car in Nigeria.

The first Woman in Nigeria to ever buy her own car can be identified as Mrs Efunroye Tinubu. This lady was born in the year 1805 in Abeokuta and this achievement alone made her very popular. Mrs Tinubu used to be a slave trader and a rich one at that, she used to sell alot of slaves to the Europeans.

Back then when Nigeria did not have a currency of their own, Mrs Tinubu went ahead to exchange up to 500 slaves for a car in the year 1834. Even though she was the first Woman to buy a car, she never drove the car for once in her life. Mrs Tinubu later leased out the car to the white Men there in Lagos. Mrs Tinubu later gave up the ghost at the age of 82 years, she died in the year 1887.

Mrs Funmilayo Anikulapo Ransome Kuti was the first Woman in Nigeria to drive a car. She is known as the Woman that gave birth to the famous musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Just like her son she was quite popular back then in Nigeria.

Mrs Funmilayo was also born in Abeokuta, she was born on October 25, 1900. Mrs Funmilayo was a teacher, she was an activist and she was popularly known as the Lionesses of Lisabi. When she was alive she led alot of campaigns against harsh government polices and many more in Nigeria.

Mrs Funmilayo was not just wealthy and influential, she tried her best to carry other Women along. She joined forces with other Women around her and they formed a charity group known as the Abeokuta ladies club, the club is now popularly called the Abeokuta Women's union. This club did their best in fighting for the right of Women in the society.

Mrs Funmilayo used to travel alot when she was alive, she visited alot of countries even before Nigeria became independent. She lived a great life and she was also married with children.

In the year 1978, on the 13th of April Mrs Funmilayo gave up the ghost. She was thrown down from a second floor wiindow, she was later hospitalized and ended up in a coma before her death. She is known in all history books as the first Woman to drive a car, while Mrs Tinubu was the first Woman to buy a car in Nigeria.

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