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Opinion: 5 Ways The Insecurity Problem In Nigeria Can Be Resolved

The insecurity in Nigeria is getting out of hand and if not properly addressed, can lead the country into anarchy.

Every day, we hear incidents of unknown gunmen attacking police checkpoints and stations, kidnapping innocent citizens, raiding politicians and many more criminal activities. It is sad that even the President has not Publicly addressed the issue.

In this article, I will suggest to you in my opinion, 5 Ways the Insecurity Problem in Nigeria can be resolved.

1. Appoint Leaders From Each Tribe/Geopolitical Zone.

President Buhari should appoint people from each tribe to lead the nation rather than being sentimental and appoint only people from the North. Appointing people from each tribe would make a bridge and connection to other parts of the nation thereby creating a common reasoning and goal.

2. Restrict Herdsmen Movement And Open Gazing For Them In The North.

This is one of the issues causing the insecurity we face today. The Herdsmen moving all over the nation creates a disagreement with other tribes for trespassing and in that case, some herdsmen move with weapons to protect themselves and their livestock.

The President should restrict the movement of the Herdsmen and create grazing for them in the north. Of course, the northern part of Nigeria has a very large landscape and having the cattle tend there would reduce the insecurity challenges.

3. Recruit Young Youths To Join Security Forces With Benefits And Insurances.

The security forces in Nigeria are full of grown and aging men who should be in retirement. There are thousands of youths roaming the streets looking for jobs.

We need these youths to join the security forces rather than commit criminal activities in the country. They have to be convinced that the government would look after them, and in doing so, the government should promise them benefits and insurances aside their Salary.

4. The President Should Publicly Address The Citizens Every Month Reassuring Them Safety.

President Buhari should stop hiding and come out to the people. Take a look at the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden. He is always addressing the people publicly and not in the White House. That way, the people trust and believe in him.

President Buhari should emulate this and put it to action. Addressing the citizens every month would reassure them that they still have a President who listens to their voice.

5. Creating Jobs And Empowerment Benefits For The People.

” An idle man is the devil's workshop.” President Buhari should create jobs and empowerment benefits for the people. Nigeria has all the resources it needs to become part of the world power nations but due to the greed of our politicians, we still end up among developing countries.

If all these mentioned above are looked into and properly handled, I believe the insecurity issues in Nigeria would be resolved.

What do you think?

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