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OPINION: Identifying So-Called Unknown Gun Men Could Be First Step Needed To Restore Peace In South East

There is no greater fear than the fear of the unknown and that's why it's said that the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know. The South East region of the country for some time now has been faced with the menace of unknown gunmen.

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These gunmen on countless occasion had unleashed the beast in them and carried out daredevil attacks. Lives have been lost and properties worth millions of naira has been destroyed, all thanks to these gunmen who are bent on making South East, a hell on earth.

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The dangerous rise of these gunmen should be everyone's concern because failure to bring them down could breed anarchy. What these gunmen wants, why they are killing and destroying government properties, others remains a mystery to me. Their actions is affecting the economy of South Eastern states.

[Scene of unknown gunmen attack: Vanguard]

What baffled me the most is that some people showered praises to these unknown gunmen on sight. I can't tell if they did so out of fear or they placed so much trust in these gunmen. Since the emergence of unknown gunmen, some people in the affected region no longer go to bed with two eyes closed.

[Police station burnt down: Daily Post]

The little knowledge I had about South East is that it's a home of industrious people. Those residing in South East as a result of their hustling spirit especially in Onitsha and Aba could create something out of nothing.

[Photo Credit: Daily Post]

But there is a place in South East which people dread so much because of the high rate of robbery. The place which is identified as Upper Iweka road Onitsha is dubbed as a place not for the weak.

Recalling the story told about Upper Iweka road Onitsha, I began to wonder if it was the same sect of people that were gentlemen on high ways that transformed into daring unknown gunmen. It's very possible but I can't say.

[Photo Credit: Punch]

Without further ado, let's get back to the business of the day. The menace of these unknown gunmen had seen the Nigerian military launched operation python dance which is referred to as "Egwu Eke" in Igboland. History has it that the Igbos respect python above any other snake as they considered it to be harmless.

[Military men in action: Vanguard]

Operation python dance has come and gone, and the Nigerian military had launched another operation which it dubbed as "Golden dawn". This idea could be a good one but it would also be cool if residence of South East make use of the "See something, say something" ideology to help accelerate the flushing out of these gunmen whom I dubbed as the faceless enemies of peace.

These gunmen do have faces, they live among us, wine and dine with other good people in the community. It's left for those who know them, to advise them that their action is bad and also report them to the nearest security agency.

You can't continue to harbour a dangerous person and expect him not to pounce on you when he loses his temper. For normalcy to return in Igboland, the identities of these gunmen need to be known so as to avoid had I known. Let's all work together with the Nigerian security operatives to make Nigeria great again.

Do you also agree that these gunmen leave amongst us and knowing their identities would help in restoring peace in South East, Nigeria?

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