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My 32-Year-Old Son Has Been Using Pampers For The Last 6 Years, He Never Eats Food Mother Narrates

It is a good thing when parents see their kids happy and in good state of health. No just that, they are happy when their children are making progress and are successful in life. No parents would like his children to be sick all the time.

'Jane Wathiegeni' a lady who is a primary school teacher has narrated her ordeal to the public and how she has been suffering after her 32-Year-old child got involved in a fat accident. This incident that occurred changed their lives to worst.

He son whose name was 'Edwin, Muturi' was on his way back from school alongside his 3 friends when they engaged in a fatal accident. Muturi case was critical as he sustained injuries.

Muturi was kept in the 'ICU' for 6months and was later moved to the patient ward that required him to go for surgery after few test. This is said to be a head surgery since is head is swollen. He spent some months in the hospital but there was no positive result as the doctor predicted that there is no cure for him and that he should be taken home.

For the past six years this matured man has been using Pampers like a child and has been able to eat food except through tubes.

The family has been passing through difficult times as they have been visiting different hospital in search for a cure. The mother affirmed that there is no positive result on his health.

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