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Avoid Doing These Things During A Thunderous Rainfall, It Is Dangerous

The earth is charged, and so is the rain that falls from the sky during rainfall. Materials become charged during a thunderous rainfall, which is extremely dangerous since current can flow through any electricity conducting material.

Thunder is a high-current spark of charges that is as disruptive as a high-moving current.

Stuff to avoid during rainy weather for your health and the health of those around you are listed below.

1. Stay out of the rain immediately under the cloud.

Many people believe that if you wear a rubber shoe (which acts as an insulator) during a thunderstorm, you will not be hurt, but this is also risky since thunder usually strikes from above. Staying under your roof and avoiding direct contact with the rain is the safest solution.

2. Restrict the use of your mobile phone.

This is dangerous when you are indoors or outdoors because it involves waves that can bring current, which is harmful to your health.

3. Avoid standing too close to metal objects.

Metals, as you already know, are excellent conductors, and keeping one during a thunderstorm is extremely dangerous.

4. Do not stand too close to any glass materials.

Strong wind can crack glasses during a heavy rainstorm, and this can be very dangerous for you if you remain close to them.

5. Disconnect all electrical devices.

TVs, computers, air conditioners, and sound systems can all be plugged into a wall socket. As it conducts current, none of this is secure.

6. Stay away from high-tension wires.

Those wires can sag and cut in some situations. This has the effect of death.

7. Avoid standing under trees

This is common among children; therefore, warn your children and even adults to avoid doing so because strong winds will rip tree branches.

Please keep this in mind and stay healthy throughout the rainy season.

Content created and supplied by: Maltiana (via Opera News )


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