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Checkout Why The Activities of The Unknown Gunmen In Southeast Must Be Stopped

The recent wave of attacks on security agents and facilities by the Unknown Gunmen is something that everyone should be worried about. Although the group seems to be interested in attacking only security agencies and facilities, but this must not be celebrated as it could turn out to be a menace thay many would live to regret. It can be argued that on the part of security agencies particularly the police, they have not been efficient in terms of combating crime in the country, but a total eliminate of security agencies in the Southeast would expose the region to different calibres of criminals.

It is true that stopping the activities of the Unknown Gunmen in the Southeast could prove to be a herculean task, but the Government must adopt whatever strategy that could bring their activities to an end. In doing this, the Government must as well avoid the shed of innocent bloods in the name of crime fighting. Although some people may feel unconcerned about the current activities of these Unknown Gunmen, but if nothing is done, this could metamorphosed into something terrible in the near future.

Recall that Boko-Haram activities that has displaced millions of people in the Northeast also started from attacks on security formations in the region. Looking at this, one may conclude that if not checkmated, the activities of Unknown Gunmen in the Southeast could give birth to more deadly group with the potential to devasted the region. Therefore, efforts should be made to bring the activities of the Unknown Gunmen in the Southeast to an end. This will save the region from the looming dangers and a repeat of the Northeast story. Although this may not come easily, but both the Government and stakeholders must work together to end the activities of these Unknown Gunmen before it metamorphosed into something more deadly.

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