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Road Accident

I Was 10 When I Had Accident In 2006, I'm The Only Surviving Passenger Out Of 16- Mary

It is so painful seeing how ones hopes and dreams gradually disappears and the unexpected becomes a reality by just one singular life defining event. However, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The inspiring story of Mary has not only brought hope to many but is also changing her life for good.

Few days ago, photos of an amputee lady Hawking sachet water in Lagos surfaced online after a well meaning Nigerian took pictures of the lady and shared it on social media. The viral post has touched many Nigerians who have already started showing interest in helping her out of her situation.

But how did this all happen? Hear Mary narrate her life changing story

The young lady told PUNCH in an interview that she was was only ten years old when she was involved in a car accident that claimed the lives of 15 passengers including his parents while traveling to the village in 2006.

According to her, before the accident, she wanted to be educated like others, study Law in the university and become a Lawyer when she grow up, but that didn't happen due to the accident that took the life of her parents, leaving her to carter for herself aged her aged grandmother in Kogi State.

She said shortly after the incident, she was rushed to the hospital and after the doctors examined her, she was that one of her legs would have to be cut off or she risk losing her life in two days time.

After this, Mary came to Lagos to look for a job so she can take care of herself and her grandmother in the village. She took to Hawking of sachet water in the ever busy Oshodi market despite her condition. Adding that she had no place to call home as he usually sleep in shops, streets and inside Oshodi market.

Marry also narrated her experience selling sachet water in Lagos

She recounted how some passengers would buy from her and won't pay her, but due to her condition, she couldn't chase them, hence she stopped selling to moving vehicles.

Revealing further that there was a time she was lost in her thoughts while crossing the road and was almost knocked down by a car if not for the swift response by a police officer who pushed her to the other side of the road to save her life.


Lesson for all

Mary's inspiring Ife story should serve as a motivation to everyone out there who has had a share of disappointment, a share of feeling useless due to some unexpected negative life changing events.

There is ability in disability. Don't take your condition as reason for you being inactive If Mary never went out to try get a life for herself in spite of her condition, no one would have noticed her and won't be getting the assistance she is currently getting today.

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