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"My Husband Recognised One of Our Attackers & He Mentioned The Name Before He Got Stabbed" -Widow

The widow of the late Babagana Ahmed has narrated how some persons came in the night to attack her family in Borno State. During her interview with Dogara Bitrus, Maryam Ahmed revealed that her husband had been receiving threats from some people at his workplace before he got stabbed to death.

You may recall that the headmaster of Asheik Jarma Mega Primary School, Babagana Ahmed, was recently stabbed to death. Babagana was the headmaster of a school located in Maiduguri, Borno State. Maryam claims that her husband's life got threatened because he stood against the irregularities and mismanagement he discovered in his new workplace. Babagana assumed the headmaster's role at Asheik Jarma Mega Primary School school after he got transferred from another school in Abuja. 

Maryam claims that her husband started receiving threats to his life after he cautioned the security guards stationed at the school. Speaking concerning the issue, she said, "he called on the Security men and warned them to desist from such acts, but they felt threatened and began to act in a hostile manner towards him."

The widow revealed that her husband was receiving threats from different phone numbers, which he reported to the appropriate authorities. Stating this, Maryam said, "The security men would call to tell him to leave them alone, that his predecessor cooperated with them, so he should not dare to stop them. They called him on several occasions, and he told me each time they called him."

Narrating how Babagana was killed in his home by the assailants, Maryam said, "We only suddenly saw them in our room. My husband got up immediately and engaged them in the physical fight to the veranda. He recognized them and mentioned the name of one of them while struggling with them on the veranda. My oldest son was with his father, heard the name, and he also saw the assailants. While they were struggling with my husband, one of them removed a knife from his waist and stabbed him on both sides of his lower abdomen. My husband kept fighting with them. But in the process, the person holding the knife kept pushing it further into his stomach, and he bled profusely."

Source: Punch

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