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Video: Lady Who Escaped Kidnapping Says - "Immediately Saw The Gun With Him, I Jumped Off The Bus".

I've always been hearing that people fall victim of a one chance vehicle, but never have I experienced being robbed by a one chance vehicle as it is often called. I still wondered how these people who go about robbing people of their properties feel, how they do these things and think that they could always get away with their crime, still beats my imagination.People are no longer free as they should be in their own country, I remember being in a public bus which more men than women, whenever a new passenger wants to come in, he or she would so afraid to come into the bus. A vehicle they would be paying the fare for, yet would be so fearful as to what they have heard or experienced in the past.

In a short trending video I came across today April 28,2021, is that of a terrified looking lady. Who was telling passerbys how she escaped being kidnapped by a one chance vehicle she entered. She alleged that when she boarded this vehicle, she became unease and was suspicious of the guys in the vehicle. She said saw one of the guys with a gun, immediately she reached for the door, opened it and jumped out of the moving vehicle.

She said that she wasn't bothered whether she would get injured, in the process but she's glad she jumped and looking at herself, she couldn't find any bruises whatsoever. That at the point of her jumping off, they tried holding her back but she just wouldn't stay. Which explains how she was able to escape from the kidnappers.

What is your take on this? Did she do the right thing?

Watch the video here

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