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Man Brutalizes Estranged Wife For Refusing To Prepare His Best Meal

It was reported that a woman's unwillingness to prepare food for her husband who left her, precisely his best food,sadza and eggs resulted in a shocking display of brutality which caused the lady in question to sustain serious wounds after being attacked by her estranged husband.However,the suspect has been arraigned to court for the crime committed.

Following the unfortunate occurrence,the accused,Livanary Mazangwira, 33 years of age, has been taken to court for attempted murder and violent attack against his estranged wife Isabel Tafirenyika, 29 years of age, after she declined his request to cook him sadza and eggs for supper.

Explaining how it happened,the prosecuting attorney narrated that,on a fateful Sunday morning,16th April 2023,the suspect,Mazangwira is said to have contacted the victim, Tafirenyika through their son and instructed her to prepare his best food,a demand which she turned down with immediate effect, which provoked the suspect,after which he attacked Tafirenyika, yelling at her on the top of his voice while holding her neck and smashing her on the face.

To make matters more complicated,towards the dark hours of that day, the suspect,Mazangwira raced to the residence of the victim after the first confrontation, forced himself in the compound, and grabbed her by the neck once again while making death threats.Luckily,Tafirenyika was able to get away from his grip and reported what happened to the security authorities, who went after Mazangwira and apprehended him.

After the attack, Tafirenyika sought medical attention for the neck ache she had developed during the assaults from her estranged husband.Despite all her did, Mazangwira denied all allegations leveled against him in court for physically assaulting the victim and attempted murder.Hence,the court magistrate released him on bail.

"Men of nowadays should learn to control their emotions and also realize that women are not to be turned into punching bag or slaves for not doing what they want.I also urge women to copy the victim's action ,who reported the case to the appropriate authorities before her life would be cut short rather than dying in silence",the court magistrate advised.

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