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Fire outbreak destroys properties of a widow.

The residents of Augustine street were all thankful to God Almighty this morning in regards to a tragedy that happened yesterday evening around 7:30pm because no life was lost. This picture below was shot this morning following a fire outbreak that happened yesterday evening. The unexpected event that broke the enjoyment of the cool evening of Yesterday at Augustine street this morning has kept many speechless because no one can tell what caused the fire outbreak.

Because according to the information gathered this morning from a witness (name withheld), who said that he was inside his room watching movie when he heard shouting from the people outside the street. He rushed out from his room towards the gate of his lodge only to see a crowd of people trying to quench a burning flame of fire that was burning a shop opposite his lodge. He said he had to join up in the rescue mission. The fire as he said extended to a room behind the shop which belongs to a widow who recently lost her a husband to a ghastly motor accident last year.

The shop was totally grazed down as nothing was found in it that was not burnt to ashes but the widow's room was not totally burnt down because people intervened in time to quench the fire. Though some of her properties were destroyed but the life of her two children was saved as people rushed in and rescued them before the fire got worst. But he said no one is yet to tell how the fire started.

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