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Countries With The Highest Number Of Prostitutes In The World

According to liveandinvestoverseas .com these are the countries with the highest number of prostitutes.

Germany is known to 49 prostitutes per 10,000 population.

There is a brothel name Pascha brothel in Germany and is the largest brothel in the whole of Europe. There is a prostitute protection act in Germany to protect the sex workers.


Malaysia is said to have about 52 prostitutes per 10,000 population. Though it is illegal to engage in prostitution in this country as it is punishable by caning.


Brazil has 53 prostitutes per 10,000 population. It is illegal to operate brothel in Brazil but the services of prostitutes can be exchange for money.


The African country is known to have about 63 prostitutes per 10,000 is however illegal to engage in prostitution in some part.of the country, especially the northern part but still it still thrives. This business is affiliated to extreme poverty occuring in the country.


The country has about 85 prostitutes per 10,000 population. Here, they tag it "bar girls" and most times, bar girls do wear their "bar girl" ID card.


Here in this country, it is on an average of 102 prostitutes per 10,000 population.A legal business in the country as brothels get license to operate. 

South Korea

Not legalised in this country, but it is a thriving business.


In Venezuela, you have 119 prostitutes per 10,000 population. It is a legal buisness in this country and all Prostitutes are mandated to wear ID Cards as a means of identification.

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