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For People Who Intend To Travel Out For Better Life, See What Pst. Adeboye Once Said About It

People leave Nigeria daily for other countries, and many of those who haven't left have aspirations to do so because the land looks greener on the other side. Many use legal means, but out of desperation, some use illegal means, such as using waterways, a process that kills some.

Going to another country for success is not wrong; after all, Joseph prospered in Egypt, which was not his native land, and Daniel prospered in Babylon. Babylon, which is also not his land. Jacob, on the other hand, prospered wherever he went before God told him to return home; God told Abraham to leave his parents and go to a land he would show him; this is not a problem.

However, God told Isaac to stay in his land, and he did so; Esau also prospered in his land. The point is to be exactly where you are supposed to be about your purpose and destiny.

Pastor Adeboye made these points in the open heavens devotional titled Greener Pastures.

1. Success principles are the same in your country and abroad- This means that a lazy person in a poor country will not succeed in a rich country simply because the country is developed. Hard work is essential for success, and the same rules apply.

2 You, like Daniel and Joseph, can achieve success abroad.

3 Don't travel abroad without God's permission; doing so may mean abandoning what God originally intended for you and ending up chasing shadows in your destination. So that you can stay on the right track, ask God for guidance.

4 God may insist that you stay in your country, as he did with Isaac until he had prospered to the point where people envied him in the land.

Before you move, seek God's face. If God says you should stay, don't go; if God says you should go, don't stay.

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