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Strong Reason Mary Daniel Should Be Jailed & All Donations Returned To The Senders

Mary Daniel, the viral amputee has come under scrutiny following the revelation that her her case was staged and her claims of being an orphan and losing her leg in an accident were false.

Mary Daniel became a sensation weeks ago after photos of her seeing water at Oshodi surfaced on social media and attracted sympathy from Nigerians across the world.

Sources gathered that she was busted after some people who helped her staged her case started calling and demanding their own share of the over N20 million realized from the donations Nigerians across the world sent to her.

In an interview she granted after her photos where she was hawking Sachet Water in Oshodi vent viral, she claimed she was an orphan and lost her leg in an accident that claimed the lives of all passengers including her parents.

However, her father has been discovered to be alive and it has come to light she didn't lose a leg in an accident but from birth. It furthered revealed she wasn't actually hawking in Oshodi but some people brought her to Lagos in order to stage the act and manipulate Nigerians into donating money to her.

In saner climes, this amounts to fraudulent crime which comes with jail time. Lying about your parents' death is one thing but staging the whole hawking scenes to get public sympathy is fraudulent.

Nigerians are divided about whether the money gotten should be released to her and the whole case squashed. Those in support are actually enabling crimes and it won't be a matter of time before others come up with similar staged acts to manipulate Nigerians.

Disability doesn't automatically qualify one for charity. There are many physically challenged people that are honestly earning money and working hard to improve their lives. One should use disability to swindle money from Nigerians using a fake story.

In Nigeria, fraud is celebrated and whitewashed with sentiments and emotions, thereby enabling perpetrators to walk free. We shouldn't let our emotions and sentiment becloud our logical reasoning.

The donations she got was through a fraudulent act capable of instilling distrust in people's heart to render help to genuine people in need. To prevent that from happening, Lagos government should free her donations and make plans to return the monies to the benefactors.

Also, a legal proceedings should be instituted against her to serve as deterrence to others. If this is allowed to go, we'll be seeing similar stories rising and that will be very bad for those who genuinely need help.

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