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Checkout what this lady single-handedly did to 5 policemen that could make her stay 1036 yrs in Jail

A 24 year old Florida Lap Dancer Britney Simmons may spend up to 1036 years in jail after she attacked police officers with her private part.

In the news shared by popular gossip site instablog some minutes ago, the incident happened in Miami Florida.

The policemen were five in number and the lap dancer allegedly emitted fluids from her private part which has infected the five men with Gonorrhea, herpes and Chlamydia.

It was gathered that the Miami Police division has concluded that she used her private part as a lethal weapon even though she knew that she was potentially harming the policemen with diseases like HIV, Gonorrhea and other STD's.

It has been confirmed that the policemen have contacted the STD's.

This is a very strange story as many people were surprised by it. Many people are confused on how she was able to harm the Policemen.

Twitter users have reacted to the strange news.

This is what they have to say.

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