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Father who Cut Off Breast Of His 8-Year-Old Daughter For ‘Growing Rapidly’ Needs to be Educated More

In a recent news, it was reported how the Lagos state police command arrested a man identified as Adegboyega, for brutalising his 8years old daughter for the rapid changes In her body, due to puberty.

He didn't like the idea that his daughter was developing breasts so rapidly at such a young age, so he turned himself into a medical doctor, by placing a stone on the fire, and used it to massage her breast, so that it would stop increasing in size.

Though, the girl's mother complained of his excessive beatings for the same reason, all efforts to stop him fell on deaf ears.

The young girl is now left in serious pain, and it was discovered that her left chest was completely cut off. He has now been arrested, and charged to court.

It is Babaric for a father to go to such extent to punish his own biological daughter, for something that is entirely not her fault. The father needs to be educated on the rapid puberty changes that occurs in a female child, unlike a male child.

In some children, puberty comes faster than others. However, it was his ignorance that made him think his daughter was too young to experience puberty.

He should be made to face the full wrath of the law, to serve as a lesson to others like him.

What are your this about this?

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