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Colours Found On The Nigerian Police Flag And Their Meanings

The Nigerian police force is one of the departments in the country that play important roles in the maintenance and stability of peace in our different communities in the country. This department was officially merged and formed in 1930, and as of 2016, the department boasts of about 371,800 sworn officers.

Now, for many of us, if we are asked what the Nigerian police flag looks like or the colours that can be found on the flag, we often do not know because we have failed to pay attention to it. As we all know, colours have meanings and these colours are used based on their meanings to suit the purpose of an institution or department.

The same way, I will be analysing the colours on the Nigerian flag, the meanings behind them and how they define the Nigerian police force.

1. Blue colour

The blue colour is the first colour you would see horizontally from the top of the Nigerian police flag. This colour generally represents love and by its interpretation, all Nigerian police officers are expected to show love to law-abiding citizens of Nigeria. They are expected to discharge their duties with love in their hearts. So, every time you see the blue colour on the Nigerian flag, just remember it symbolizes love.

2. Yellow

The colour laying immediately beneath the blue colour on the Nigerian flag is the yellow colour. The yellow colour represents discipline and resourcefulness. This means that Nigerian police officers must be discipline in their line of duties, discipline in this case mean shunning bribery and other vices. They must also be quick in finding solution to difficulties in their line of duty, as conveyed by the word resourcefulness.

3. Green

For the Nigerian police, the green colour symbolizes strength. As we all know, being a force man requires both physical and mental strength. Every Nigerian police officer is expected to be physically and mentally strengthened.

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